What about design?

Do you have an idea but you don't know if others will like it?

Today we will answer that question by telling you how to get the best design from "identifying customer needs".

This post intents to illustrate about something that you may be familiar with but probably don't know how to start working with on it. 

The three steps below, will give you the structure you must follow to achieve a feasible solution by implementing your idea into the market.

step 1. Understand the opportunity.

You need to be aware of what needs to be done:

      1. Customer needs analysis.

      2. Market opportunity analysis.

      3. Develop vision.

 Step 2. Develop a concept.

This can be created from a variety of tools and perspectives. (I.e. functional modeling method, house of quality*, within others)

Implement concept.

    A. Do a production planning by diffusion model, market segmentation, and product architecture.

   B. Concept development. Brain storming and innovations, customer needs identification.

Step 3. Concept selection.

See how voting, ranking and your mind influence your decisions.

 Tools like...

   A. Voting 

   B. Mutiattribute decision making matrix

   C. Decision making and group decision making

This are only highlights for you to go and find the best way to structure your design.

 Hope you like it and stay tuned to other blogs and see how all these steps can be developed and what are the challenges you will fight.


*Example of house of quality from researchgate.net