Your product is not yours

Just some TV remotes. Design is everywhere.

Just some TV remotes. Design is everywhere.


Hello CADelier followers! 

This is the first blog post of our series for design tips. Here I will try to show you some recommendations when you are thinking on your product idea, and the things that we think when we design the product for you.  

On this first episode I'll tell you about something that some people tend to forget, and this is that the product you are inventing is not only for you (most of the times), it is for solving a problem that many people could have. So with this on mind, we need to think on how, where and when your product is going to be used by other people. 

Let's illustrate this with a dumb scenario: 

Imagine that you are developing a new remote for a smart tv, and you are a person that takes care a lot of your stuff, so you may think that a remote can be made of an exotic and fragile material because you are careful with your stuff. So would you do it like that? 

Now, imagine that you invite your family to your home, and you discover that your super remote is getting used by your 3 years old nephew. Do you think it would survive? 

With this dumb scenario I just want to make you notice the importance of testing your product with different people, specially the ones on your target market, but also with the ones that are not there. Why? Because it could lead you to great improvements or take ideas on how to make it better.  

I hope you liked this post and helped you in any way. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribe to our newsletter. 


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